Our 7 Pillars


Upstream is all about giving back to those who need it most—in our local communities
and around the world. We invite you to join us!


Benevolent Fund for Children & Family WelfareBENEVOLENT FUND FOR Family & Children Welfare
This fund will make grants to charities that combat homelessness and hunger, improve educational opportunities for children or adults, help children with special needs, and/or promote the general welfare of children, orphans, and victims of domestic violence.


Benevolent Fund for Cancer Research & Patient CareBENEVOLENT FUND FOR Cancer Research & Patient Care
This fund will make grants to charities that largely focus on pediatric cancer, assist survivors, offer payment assistance to families as it relates to cancer medical needs, offer housing in proximity to cancer hospitals, and provide resources to improve child life services in children’s hospitals and grief counseling.


Benevolent Fund for Military Personnel & Family CareBENEVOLENT FUND FOR Military Personnel & Family Care
This fund will focus on serving military personnel–active duty or retired–and their families by making grants to charities that provide for the education, and physical and mental therapy, as well as the basic living needs of military personnel and those who care for them. The fund will also provide support to transitional services that aid veterans as they return to their communities.


Benevolent Fund for Emergent NeedsBENEVOLENT FUND FOR Emergent Needs
This fund will remain fluid, but the overarching goal is to use donations to make grants to organizations that aid in natural disaster relief, animal aid and rescue, and help those who are negatively affected by unexpected circumstances.


Benevolent Fund for Faith Based InitiativesBENEVOLENT FUND FOR Faith Based Initiatives
This fund will support charities that are faith centered and perform social services for the most needy, poor, endangered, and troubled.



BENEVOLENT FUND FOR Domestic & International Missions
This fund will support charities that aid in domestic and international missions, especially those that support the healthcare needs of the communities they serve.



Benevolent Fund for Charitable GivingBENEVOLENT FUND FOR Charitable Giving
This fund will hold contributions given by persons and organizations who want to support the Pillars with Purpose efforts at large. Donations will be used to make charitable contributions to causes deemed worthy by the advisory board with oversight across all funds.


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Upstream’s “Pillars with Purpose” Benevolent Funds are charitable funds of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. The official registration and financial information of The
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