Hear firsthand how Pillars is changing lives locally and around the world.

I’m grateful for receiving the grant for the second year in a row. I value our relationship, and I am honored I have had the opportunity to partner with you all. You all are truly making a difference in fulfilling our mission statement of blessing and loving the homeless and less fortunate with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

– John Higginbotham, Founder, God’s Bucket Brigade

These meals will help keep kids in school, provide new and expecting mothers with good nutrition, and support families in the wake of disasters. The Pillars volunteers were wonderful to work with, and we were excited to have them join our movement to end hunger! We were so grateful to partner with Upstream’s Pillars with Purpose for this volunteer day. It was amazing to have so many people come together to package over 180,000 meals for hungry children around the world.

– Toni Marraccini, Senior Global Account Manager, Rise Against Hunger

Pillars with Purpose is and will continue to be a part of our team’s foundation. Servant leadership and giving back in any way that we can only strengthen the overall mission of the company. I am humbled to work with a team that has this type of emphasis engrained within its culture.

– David Harris, VP of Integrations

It is with great honor that I am able to share Upstream Rehabilitation’s first free standing pro bono clinic is fully functional and has begun treating patients. Thank you to Upstream leadership and Pillars for getting this dream to the finish line.

– Aaron Honeycutt, RVP, Benchmark Rehab Partners

Survivor Fitness Foundation helps cancer survivors regain their health and wellness through personal training and nutritional support. Thank you for providing the organization with a grant to be used for general operating funds. As a small non-profit, this funding has immensely impacted the organization and the cancer survivors we serve.

– Meg Grunke, Executive Director, Survivor Fitness Foundation

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I cannot thank you enough for believing in our cause. No words are enough to express how thankful we are. We cannot wait to get our high low table!! Also, the sponsorship for one of our survivors is the icing on the cake. Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

– Jayme Limbaugh, Crystal Coast Wellness and Performance Center

“This organization, Community Services League (a Pillars grant recipient), means so much to me and my family. They got us off the street when we were homeless they recently helped me get the power back on during the cold snap we had a few days ago. I have lived in Independence for a while now and I know that when things get tough and I am unable to make ends meet, I can go to them for food, utility help, housing when I need it, and even medications. They even helped me with getting this job by helping me make a better resume. I have so much love for them and the staff.  I want to say thank you to you for giving me the opportunity to give back to an organization that has been there for me and is still there when I need them.”

– Upstream Associate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

“JB, President of CVAC, has been a consistent and motivated patient of ours here at the Smyrna/Vinings clinic. When he brought his organization’s cause and need for help to my attention, I knew that reaching out to Pillars With Purpose would be the least that I could do to see if we could help. I was lost for words by how many of these families have been impacted but elated to hear that we could provide assistance. In many ways, he and his organization are aligned with many of our core values so I’m happy to hear that we can make a positive impact for his organization. I’m looking forward to volunteering with him in the coming year.”

– Steven Hightshue, Benchmark PT Clinic Director