Pillars Grant Helps Give Christmas Gifts

Pillars with Purpose has granted $500 to BLOC Ministries – Girls Wanted Program.

This grant provided Christmas gifts for 20 girls in the program. This program is for teenage girls to have a safe space to share and get away from the pressures they face. In doing so, it helps the girls know that they are loved and valued.

“I found BLOC when I was searching for an internship site to finish up my schooling last year. I graduated in 2020 after a six month internship with BLOC. Girls Wanted was my main site when I was working with BLOC. I grew up in a broken home with my parents being divorced since I was 18 months old and fighting in court often over custody with my sister and myself. Many, if not all of these girls, come from broken home in some way. Many also come from single parent households. I know how it feels so I wanted to be a positive light and
mentor for these girls that have these unfortunate circumstances in front of them that they didn’t ask for and can’t change. All they can do is make the best out of this situation. We are all broken in some way and we are all in need of someone we can look up to when life gets hard. The Lord created us as relational beings that desperately need healthy relationships in life to survive. We will get awfully lonely and depressed if we did not have relationships in our lives. Girls Wanted gives girls that likely wouldn’t have it otherwise to have a positive and healthy mentor in their life that will walk along side them when times are good and when times are bad. We will also share our faith with them and invite them to “come and see” and experience the Lord on their own. We don’t push our faith on them but invite them to study the Bible and decide for themselves what they believe. Girls Wanted is a good experience to help someone that you may not otherwise see or have much in common with. Many of these girls are growing up in a completely different way or lifestyle than I did when I was growing
up. I learn so much from them about what their life is like because I often don’t have the same experiences or problems that these girls do. I learn to be empathic and think of a situation from a different perspective to be the most effective when I am trying to help them with an issue. I have learned a lot from Girls Wanted and I’m so thankful that the Lord allows me to be a part of it as much as possible.”

– Victoria Harmon